Ignite your creativity & awaken your inner rebel to shepherd the change you want to see in yourself, your business, and the world.

You want to know that your time here mattered. That you made a positive difference. Yet, that restlessness you’re feeling… it’s your intuition telling you what you’ve tried so far won’t get you where you want to be.

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Dear leader:

Now more than ever, we need powerful people like you with clear intentions and access to creativity and innovation to step forward. We need you to be the leader of your own life first and foremost, as well as a creative leader of our organizations, our teams, and our nonprofits. We need you to reclaim your creative confidence and uncover the spark inside of you that has the power to move mountains; shift cultures; solve problems; create new, innovative products and services; and disrupt entire industries.

We need you to soar to levels previously unimaginable. But you don’t need to do it alone.

Start with creativity. Uncover joy, abundance, ease, and extraordinary leadership.

Studies show that creativity is the most important leadership quality and greatly enhances bottom-line revenue. Creativity is also the cornerstone in leading change inside the organization and in society.

As Dan Palotta argues in Harvard Business Review “…the best creativity […] comes from a desire to contribute to the lives of others, ... by showing people that something thought to be impossible is in fact possible.

Coaching + Masterminds

Entrepreneurship meets art. Revitalize your creativity, work from your zone of genius, and deeply connect with a community of like-minded souls…with an expert guide in your corner.

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Workshops + Retreats

Adventure is calling! Reconnect with the world within and around you, expand your definitions of creativity and play, and reignite your passion to fuel the change you want to see in yourself and in the world.

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Awaken new energy in your organization. Infuse your team with creative confidence through interactive experiences designed with your unique goals and objectives in mind.

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Creative rebels, unleashed

Art first. Money, courage, and joy to follow.

Art starts on the inside. The Innovation and Creativity Institute guides leaders on the Creative Rebel’s Voyage, starting with leadership of self and uncovering limitless leadership of others.

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What if shifting our perspective simply meant paying attention?

Share our lens with creative explorations from the field.

Creating the Future

I sat, scrolling through Twitter one morning, reading the dark news du jour. My news feed was a car wreck of unfolding horrors, and even though my heart was racing, I remained fixated on the screen. I am so glad I did. With one swipe up with my forefinger, an image appeared that sent an…

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My Shack in Woodstock

I went up to Woodstock and just read, and read, and read, and read, for five years.” ~ Joseph Campbell I think about Joseph Campbell at least once a day. The first time I read Campbell’s explanation of the Hero’s Journey, I was sitting on the floor in front of the fire, propped up against…

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Follow Your Creation’s Lead

The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” ~ Henry David Thoreau The other day I tallied up the approximate number of batches of puttanesca sauce I have made over the course of my life. I landed on somewhere around the number 3,500! By Malcolm Gladwell standards, I have hit mastery…

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Leadership & Letting Go

I’ve been a fan of all things nautical my entire life. Bodies of water, and the vessels for traversing them, give me a sense of unending potential for exploring and creating. The sailboat in particular captures my fascination, harnessing wind and waves, to push through open water.In early 2016, I flew to Puerto Vallarta to…

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