Build Creative Confidence

What does creative expression mean to you?

Maybe, like me, you consider(ed) “creativity” to be the result of being artistic, as in able to draw or paint well. Or write well.

Perhaps you think being creative is for only a select few — those “gifted” with certain talents.

Let’s blow the lid off creativity and what it means! AND, let’s get something straight here — innovation and creativity are for everyone. EVERYONE. YOU.

Perhaps you have an inkling that your life was meant to be more. Maybe you are a bit haunted by the notion that you might die with the music still in you — unexpressed, unrealized, unborn.

The kicker is is that you might not even know what your music is — or where to begin to find the edges of the creative world you would like to explore. Or, perhaps you’ve held a dream … one kept very secret … for a very long time — and considered it foolish/stupid/extraneous, or that you were not talented enough/smart enough/confident enough to pursue it.

Dylan Thomas called creativity the force that through the green fuse drives the flower.


That force lives inside of each and every one of us. Let’s figure out what that means for you.

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